Project Governance

Current Governance

Executive Sponsors

Executive Sponsors are select senior leaders who own an institutional transformation initiative and assume responsibility for daily decision-making, active championship, and cascading of decisions and information to all levels of the University. For Operational Excellence @ Illinois, Executive Sponsors oversee:

  • Clearly articulating the case for change and ensuring that it reflects institutional priorities and missions;
  • Defining precise goals and objectives that directly address institutional priorities;
  • Prioritizing and allocating resources to the initiative; and
  • Developing and enforcing reinforcement structures that promote future-state orientation and change implementation.

Executive Sponsors

  • Mike DeLorenzo, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations                                                                              
  • Vicky Gress, Acting Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Planning

Project Management 

Leading the newly created Strategic Project Management Office in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations, the Executive Director for Project Management & Business Service Quality oversees university-wide initiatives that require project management, including Operational Excellence @ Illinois. 

  • Rebecca McNaught, Executive Director for Project Management & Business Service Quality 

Functional Design Teams (Detailed Design Phase)

Teams specific to the seven functional areas that will determine the precise, tactical details and steps needed to achieve the proposed high-level operating model. Their solutions will also address the Functional Opportunities surfaced by Work Teams from the initiative’s prior phases.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Functional Design Team (HR FDT) is composed of HR leaders from various units across campus.

  • Functional Sponsor: Shari Mickey-Boggs, Senior Associate Chancellor for HR
  • Functional Co-Leads
    • Joe Bohn, Executive Director of Human Resources, ACES
    • Deb Stone, Assistant Chancellor, HR Centers of Expertise 
  • Functional Design Team Members
    • Laura Bleakney, Director of Swanlund HR Shared Service Center
    • Sonya Holley, Assistant Director of HR
    • Heidi Johnson, Director of Affirmative Action Division
    • Sue Key, Director of Portfolio HR
    • Eric Smith, Director of HR, Diversity, & Strategy
    • Lori Willoughby, Executive Director of HR

IT Op. Excellence is in the process of standing up a new governance structure. Mariéad Martin continues as Functional Sponsor and James Quisenberry will lead the new committee charged with delivering on 2023 IT Operational Excellence priorities. Membership of the new committee is pending.

Previously, IT Operational Excellence was supported by the Information Technology Functional Design Team. The completion of the draft service catalog marks the completion of the team’s original charge and as a result the group is being retired. The group was composed of IT leaders from various units across campus.

Previous Members

  • Functional Sponsor: Mairéad Martin, Chief Information Officer
  • Functional Co-Leads
    • Chris Tidrick, Senior Director of IT
    • Scott Genung, Deputy CIO of IT Operations
  • Functional Design Team Members
    • Kelly Block, Associate VP of Admin. IT Service
    • Tim Boerner, Interim AD of Integrated Cyberinfrastructure
    • Troy Gagne, Manager, IT Project Management​
    • Jim Hurst, Director of Engineering IT Shared Services
    • Jeremy Jones, Director of Infrastructure and Support
    • James Quisenberry, Director of Student Affairs Technology
    • Tracy Smith, Deputy CIO for Innovation & Technology Strategy
    • Tracy Tolliver, Director of Library IT
Marketing & Communications
  • Functional Sponsor: Robin Kaler, Associate Chancellor of Public Affairs
  • Functional Design Team Members: Membership pending
Change Leadership Team (CLT)

The Change Leadership Team consists of cross-functional representatives and communications and organizational change specialists who guide change leadership efforts related to Operational Excellence. The team:

  • Advises on and helps develop strategies and communications to keep the campus community engaged and informed
  • Informs potential trainings on change leadership, service excellence, and other topics
  • Collaborates with various leaders and groups across campus to ensure initiative progress.

CLT Members

  • HR Representatives
    • Tiy Goddard, Assistant Director, Employee Development and Learning
    • Jake MacGregor, Organizational Development and Training Coordinator
  • IT Representatives
    • James Quisenberry, Director of Student Affairs Technology
    • Tracy Smith, Deputy CIO for Innovation & Technology Strategy
  • Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing Representative
    • Katie Watson, Associate Director of Institutional Communications
  • Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO) Representatives
    • Rebecca McNaught, Executive Director for Project Management & Business Service Quality
    • Gabe Gibson, Senior Director, Collaborative Initiatives Planning
Service Excellence Team (SET)

The Service Excellence Team consist of cross-functional representatives who will help ensure that all Op. Excellence initiatives maintain a culture of service and continue to work towards long-term process improvement. Team composition will vary based on availability and functional areas with active initiatives

The team:

  • Promotes campus engagement and socialization with cross-functional service excellence standards and practices
  • Performs process redesign work in collaboration with functional areas
  • Conducts focus groups to identify needs of end-users or customers to support process redesign
  • Collects metrics and data to track service quality

SET Members (SET is considering revisions to membership to align with team goals for 2023)

  • Team Lead: Rebecca McNaught, Executive Director for Project Management and Business Service Quality
  • SET Representatives [current contributors]
    • Michael Chan, IT Architect
    • Amy Hovious, Assistant Director of Campus Engagement & Innovation
    • Libby Kacich, Assistant Dean for Marketing and Communications
    • Jessica Mette, Associate Director, Illinois Human Resources
    • Stephanie Haas, Director of Human Resources, Education Administration
    • Angela Reggans, Assistant Director of Labor & Employee Relations, Illinois Human Resources
    • Margo Kiener, Labor & Employee Relations Consultant, Illinois Human Resources
  • SET Representatives [past contributors]
Prior Phase Governance

Task Force (Imagine, Decide, and Bridge Phases)

Prior Task Force

  • Andreas Cangellaris, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Mike DeLorenzo, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
  • Scott Genung, Interim Chief Information Officer
  • Gabe Gibson, Senior Director of Collaborative Initiatives Planning
  • Vicky Gress, Acting Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Planning
  • Deb Stone, Interim Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources (formerly)
  • Kraig Wagenecht, External Research Partnerships Senior Director
  • Paul Ellinger (on the Task Force before moving to a position at the University of Illinois System)

Executive Sponsors (Imagine, Decide, and Bridge Phases)

Prior Executive Sponsors

  • Vicky Gress, Acting Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Planning
  • Kraig Wagenecht, External Research Partnerships Senior Director

Work Teams (Imagine and Decide Phases)

Teams comprised of a Team Lead and 10-15 cross-campus representatives specific to each of the five functional areas (see below) that advised on means to reach Operational Excellence @ Illinois goals. Team members participated in a series of live sessions to offer insights, raise concerns, and develop Functional Opportunities to support the ideal future state of administrative services at Illinois and achieve phase objectives.

Human Resources
  • Deborah Stone (Team Lead)
  • Susan Key
  • Sharon Reynolds
  • Heidi Johnson
  • Sonya Holley
  • Joe Bohn
  • Lori Willoughby
  • Skye Arseneau
  • Stephanie Haas
  • Gabe Gibson
  • Douglas Lamb
  • Philip Stanton
  • Eric Smith
  • Nicole Peck
IT & Data
  • Scott Genung (Team Lead)
  • Michael Brosco
  • Michael Chan
  • Kelly Block
  • Laura Hendley
  • Jeremy Jones
  • James Quisenberry
  • Amy Schuele
  • Michelle Rome
  • Xiaobei Chen
  • Amy Lee Edwards
  • Tracy Tolliver
  • Tracy Smith
  • Kim Nystrom
  • Phil Reiter
  • Michael DeLorenzo (Team Lead)
  • Brian Bundren
  • Kristin McMurray
  • Ehab Kamarah
  • Andrea Hoey
  • Douglas James Wolters
  • Qu Kim
  • Lowa Mwilambwe
  • Alma Sealine
  • Derek Fultz
  • Brett Stillwell
  • Bruce Walden
  • Paul Redman
  • Melanie Loots
  • Brad Trankina
Marketing & Communications
  • Robin Kaler (Team Lead)
  • Jan Slater
  • Libby Kacich
  • Laura Mabry
  • Nell Madigan
  • Kirsten Ruby
  • Heather Murphy
  • Doug Burgett
  • Allison Vance
  • Chris Harris
  • August Schiess
  • Michelle Nelson
  • Robert (Jeff) Trapp
  • Chris Tidrick
Budget & Procurement
  • Michael Devocelle (Team Lead)
  • Bradley Henson
  • Jamie Hackett
  • Anne Marshall
  • Jim Hurst
  • Sharee Robinson
  • James Wade
  • Brent Rasmus
  • Jim Martinie
  • Amanda Brown
  • Michael Allen Wellens
  • Jason Carl Butler
  • Nicholas Unser
  • Suzanne Rinehart
  • Kristopher Williams
  • David Gerstenecker